energy sets

One of the most important choices for an electric or hybrid solution is the choice for the energy system. Almost endless possibilities in battery banks, diesel generators, gas generators, microturbines or fuel cells.


Electric Ship Facilities will be happy to advise you about the most suitable configuration and to explore the various possibilities; possibilities for a healthy operation where systems meet future emission requirements or are zero emission.

Our objective: to bring your wishes and the best technical solution together!  

a reliable and economical solution
traction lead batteries

When weight is not a problem or offers added value, the optimized traction lead batteries are an interesting and economical solution.

Constructed from tubular plate, these cells form a stable and reliable solution. Traction cells can be widely used up to 48 VDC. Optional with an automatic battery filling system.

energy efficient, quiet, and comfortable
hybrid energypack

A diesel generator in combination with a battery pack. The battery pack can be used as a buffer but also to cope with peak demands. this makes the diesel hybrid energy pack comparable to a variable genset. For many user profiles, this is a more efficient and cost-effective application.

reliable and quiet
Generator 4-32 kwe

Extremely quiet and reliable standard diesel generators in the power range of 4 - 32 kWe electric power.


Standard available in the range from 4-20 kWe in 230VAC and 21-32 kWe in 400 VAC. We can deviate from this on request.

tailored energy
multigen solution

If the energy demand is variable, a multi-purpose solution can be an efficient solution, depending on your total energy demand.


This total solution provides a sophisticated configuration in which several energy sources work together efficiently. The right balance contributes to lower fuel consumption and a longer lifespan of the system. 

lightweight and for intensive use
Lithium batteries

To ensure maximum safety choosing the right lithium product is essential. With over 10 years of experience and a lot of built-up knowledge, we can support you in selecting the right LiFePO4 battery pack.  

Lithium offers many possibilities and can comply with extreme requirements, such as; intensive charging and discharging or working in high voltages. At the moment, this boundary is slightly above 1000 VDC. 


Lithium packages are also characterized by their light weight and compactness. 

identical level & efficient in use
DC generator

Charge your battery pack directly through a DC generator. 

The DC generators are available in various capacities; from 12, 24, to a 48 Volt variant. 

Can be applied flexibly
generator 60-500 kWe

Due to the specific environment in which you work, you sometimes consciously choose a certain motor engine brand. This is no problem for us. Based on your diesel engine preference or the specific requirements such as weight/power ratio, we select the most suitable diesel engine. This enables us to build the desired generator according to your specifications.


In many cases we can make a competitive offer for an open skid or a very quiet solution.

heavy duty
Generator 500+ kwe

On request, generators of various brands are available.


We will gladly support you in your search for the right solution.

natural energy sets

The natural energy sets are zero-emission, silent, and with this energy set you have the freedom to go where you want to go as you are not depending on shorepower


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