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Commercial boating

Tour boating companies, inland shipping, fisherman's ships or short sea shipping need to comply with the (new) emission regulations, also cost-effectiveness and limited downtime play an important role in the decision-making process. The canal cruise in Amsterdam is having a zero emission policy. Other cities and/or shipping areas are following.


What can we offer you?

With the design, delivery, and implementation of modern electrical, hybrid or multigen solutions, Electric Ship Facilities helps your company to become future proof. Together with you, we look at the possibilities for an effective total solution. By combining a smart design a collaborative and efficient system is created as a foundation for the coming years.

There are many possibilities to achieve improvements through (incremental) innovations. Are you looking for an alternative for your harbour generator or do you need a new power train to achieve zero emission boating?

We are looking forward to discovering the possibilities of working together with you as your system integrator.

Portfolio Commercial Boating 

To get an idea of the possibilities, please have a look at our portfolio. 

Commercial Boating
Portfolio Commercial Boating

Prix d'eau

Classic Tour Boat 

The Prix d'eau is one of the classical tour boats featuring an electric propulsion system. The Prix déau is from 1909 and its berth place is in front of the Amstel Hotel in Amsterdam. The Prix déau is 100% electric-powered adding value to the comfortability of the tour and adding to a cleaner environment for already over 8 years. 

  • Key figures: length: 14,95 m,  width: 5,5 m, weigth: 26 tons

  • Electric propulsion: 2x 18 kW E-motor, battery pack 90 kW C5 /  110 kW C20, Generator: 20 kW 

  • Boating range: Max. speed electric 10 km/h, E-range @ 9 km / h 10 hours 90 km

  • Key figures: length: 55 m, width: 7,2 m, weight: 682 tons

  • Diesel-Electric power train (retrofit)

  • Hydrogen propulsion:
    > Fuel Cell 30 kW installed
    > Hydrogen storage installed 12 kg at 200 bar

  • Electric propulsion
    > Battery pack of 60 kW
    > E-motor is restricted in this mode to 60 kW

  • Can boat up to 10 hours of full power zero emission


Inland Shipping vessel

Emeli is the inland shipping vessel of Maritime Academy Harlingen used for training purposes. To also teach their students about the latest state-of-the-art technologies the Emeli can now sail electric with a hydrogen fuel cell. In the first stage of the refit a direct drive E-motor of 200 kW on the shaft is installed powered by a diesel generator.  In the second stage the hydrogen fuel cell is installed in combination with a battery pack. Watch the video diary of the entire refit to get more insight. 

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