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Electric Ship Facilities - Electric Propulsion system integrator of Northman 1200 Electric Motoryacht

Electric Propulsion

System integrator

Committed to accelerating the transition driven by zero emission innovative technology

Innovation is an ongoing process for which Electric Ship Facilities is known. As your system integrator and with our propulsion- and energy systems you will make sure to meet the needs of the present without putting future generations into jeopardy.

Electric boating

Global warming is having a major impact, leading to extreme weather events such as floods, forest fires and melting of the ice caps. Electric boating has minimal impact as you can boat clean and silent. When cruising with an electric boat there are no emissions going into nature and the impact on animals living in the water is much smaller compared with conventional combustion engines.

Next to the fact that boating without emissions is better for nature it is also healthier. CO2 is often used as a parameter but the burning of fossil fuels also releases nitrogen oxides (NOx). This is not good for the environment and nitrogen dioxide can also be harmful to people. It can lead to respiratory problems and infections because it can penetrate into the smallest branches of the bronchial tubes.

That is why we want to accelerate the transition to a sustainable water sport by applying zero emission innovative technology. As system integrator, we want to implement to most suitable and sustainable solution matching your boating profile, boating range and boating area. We can only do this by carefully coordinating all the components of the configuration to achieve a very efficient system.

Electric boating


Electric propulsion

As we want the most energy efficient solution, we are working with various partners to provide you with the most optimal drive train.

Electric engines are demand-driven and therefore very efficient and easy to use.

Energy systems

The energy systems onboard provide energy for the propulsion system and hotel function. An energy system consist of a battery pack with optional a range extender or solar panels. 

As range extenders we offer a zero emission solution, the methanol based fuel cell. We also offer a more traditional option, the DC/DC generator set.

zero-emission energy Supply-and storage

Commercial boating

Tour boating companies, inland shipping, fisherman's ships or short sea shipping need to comply with the (new) emission regulations, also cost-effectiveness and limited downtime play an important role in the decision-making process. The canal cruise in Amsterdam is having a zero emission policy. Other cities and/or shipping areas are following.

Are you looking for a system integrator? With the design, delivery, and implementation of modern electrical, hybrid or multigen solutions, Electric Ship Facilities helps your company to become future proof.

Recreational boating

Are you a company in the watersport industry and do you want to make sure your yachts/brands will meet the future requirements while offering your customers a more comfortable, zero-emission, and economic solution? We can advise, design, and supply you with state-of-the-art 100% electric and hybrid energy- and propulsion systems.We are looking forward to discovering the possibilities of working together with you as your system integrator for your recreational yachts.

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