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Zero emission energy

Powered by Methanol Based Fuel Cells

We offer clean, silent and sustainable energy for your:

  • Construction site
    Very user-friendly & durable

  • Mobile power
    Where and whenever

  • Events
    Zero noise & zero emissions

  • Commercial vessels
    Independent of shorepower

  • Off-grid home
    Always clean energy

Zero emission energy systems 

Powered by methanol based fuel cells

The demand for green and silent energy is increasing. In contrast, connection to the electricity grid is becoming increasingly difficult. Electric Ship Facilties' mission is to accelerate the energy transition driven by zero emission innovative technology. The clean and silent energy systems are widely applicable and are offered in a wide range of available capacities.  

A zero emission energy system is built according to the energy demand and consists of a methanol/water mix tank, a methanol fuel cell, a battery, an inverter and communication appliances.

Zero emission energy systems provide energy through fuel cells operating on green methanol. Methanol is an energy carrier that is abundantly available and does not require a costly tank and infrastructure. Which makes the zero emission energy systems not only quiet but also cost effective. 

Orange Excavator

DC - on board systems


  • Forklift

  • Excavators

  • Hoisting cranes

  • Shipping

Mobile power - where en whenever
Full Concert

230 VAC systems

Capacities of continious power:

  • 1600 W

  • 2400 W

  • 4000 W

  • 2x 4000 W

Zero noise & zero emissions
Construction in Progress_edited_edited.j

400 VAC systems

Capacities of continious power:

  • 6000 W

  • 9000 W

  • 12000 W

  • 24000 W

Very user friendly & durable
Zero Emission Energy Systems

Methanol based fuel cells

zero emission energy production

The methanol based fuel cell is easy to use, requires only limited maintenance and has a very long lifespan. The high efficiency of the fuel cell is achieved because the conversion of the fuel into electrical energy takes place directly. In the case of combustion engines, the conversion to energy does not take place immediately, but in different phases. This makes the methanol based fuel cell a sustainable alternative to a combustion engine.  


Serene U-5 - 5 kW - 48 V

Key elements:

  • compact

  • high efficiency & lower fuel costs

  • flexible installation in- and outdoors

  • low noise and no harmful emissions

A simple and reliable solution for on-demand power

Zero emission energy blogs

Electric Ship Facilities - Zero Emission Innovative Technology.jpg

Launch of Zero Emission Energy Systems with Methanol Based Fuel Cells at the Zero Emission - Ecomobiel exhibition 2022

On 11/12/13 October, the Zero Emission - Ecomobiel exhibition will take place in the Brabanthallen. Electric Ship Facilities will present its Zero Emission Energy systems with Methanol Based Fuel Cells at this event. The Zero Emission Energy systems can provide continuous power from 1.6 kW to 8 kW. Larger capacities, up to even 2000 kW continuous power, can also be realised (prospectively). Find out more about these renewable energy solutions and visit Electric Ship Facilities in hall 6 at stand A066.

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