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Natural Energy Sets


The Direct Methanol Fuel Cell (DMFC) of Natural Energy Sets produces zero-emission electricity when and wherever you need it. For our Fuel Cell, we use green-methanol as methanol is one of the promising energy carriers that is already abundantly available and does not need a new costly tank- and transport infrastructure.

Always energy, wherever and whenever you want, clean and comfortable. Discover endless mobile and facility applications!

What are the possibilities of a fuel cell?

The possibilities of our Fuel Cell technology are endless. As the fuel cell can be applied everywhere you need electricity and you do not have a connection to the grid. We have divided this into the following segments; marine, mobile, and land applications. 

Natural Yacht Sets 

For marine applications, a fuel cell is added to the drive train as a range extender. The drive train of a natural yacht set consists further of an E-motor and a battery pack. The total configuration is designed for its specific boating profile. 

Natural Mobile Sets 

For mobile applications, the natural mobile set is used to extend the range of the battery pack. Examples of mobile applications are; golf carts, forklifts, or battery-driven mobile applications.

Natural land sets 

For land applications, the natural land sets can be deployed as a 'generator' on places where electricity is needed and where there is no connection to the grid. Examples of land applications are; producing electricity for a local event/ festival or for a telecommunication mast.

Why fuel cell technology?

Fuel Cell technology is silent, clean, and comfortable.


A chemical process inside the fuel cell produces electricity. As this is a chemical process there are no moving parts as with a combustion process. This is why the fuel cell can operate silently. 


The Direct Methanol Fuel Cell functions zero emission as it is not generating more CO2. The CO2 is first captured in the process of electrolysis and released as residue from the Fuel Cell. Therefore we can say the DMFC can function while being zero emission.

Because of the fact that fuel cell technology can operate silently and without emissions, this technology is comfortable. There is no noise in order to produce the electricity you need and there are no smells from combustion gasses. 

A Fuel Cell is also easy in use, as it can be applied on multiple occasions as a so-called 'plug and play' module. You place it where you need the electricity, you connect it to your battery pack, and it is ready to use. The production of the electricity is on-demand, meaning it will automatically start and stop (re)charging the batteries. The only thing you need to check is the level of your methanol tank once in a while.  

project support


Our direct methanol fuel cell can be applied in the different segments of marine, mobile,  and land. We can assist you in your project where we offer you a trusted and zero emission solution which can be applied at this very moment.


We have participated in the hydrogen study for inland shipping and have coordinated in a hydrogen fuel cell project for inland shipping. We can advise you for your project on your propulsion - and/ or energy system based on the technology of a hydrogen fuel cell. 

Questions? Ask us!

Jurjen Pooring



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