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Electric boating is not only cleaner and quieter, it is also more user-friendly

One of the biggest advantages of electric boating is that you can enjoy the peace and quiet of the water. But besides the fact that electric boating is clean and quiet, an electric boat is also more user-friendly compared to a boat with a traditional drive. This is due to the ease of use of the electric motor.

Electric boating convenience An electric motor is demand-driven. This means that when a certain amount of power is requested through the throttle, that power is also given by the e-motor. With an electric drive, the full torque is immediately available; with a traditional drive, more rotations are needed before the maximum power can be reached. In practice, this means that you can dose the speed of a boat with an electric motor better. This precise control over the boat improves both safety and comfort.

With an electric boat you can cruise whenever you want. You only have to disconnect the shore power and you can start your trip!

No refuelling An electric boat doesn't need refuelling, so you don't need to look for a filling station. Also you do not have to look for special charging stations like with an electric car. You can easily charge the batteries of the electric boat with the current shore power infrastructure. Shore power is available in harbours or at municipal berths. The shore power connection often has a 16 amps charging capacity. If this is not the case at the location where you want to charge, you can adjust the charging capacity, on e.g. the boats of Natural Yachts, to the capacity of the shore power connection.

In addition to shore power, there are also alternatives for supplying energy to the batteries. Power can be generated by solar panels, which can for example be placed on the roof of the boat. There are also various range extenders that can generate power on board. Read more about the different range extenders here.

Recharging It is not necessary to plug an electric boat into shore power every night if you are boating via the principle of 'recharging'. We would like to explain this. As soon as you moor somewhere to do some shopping or have a cup of coffee, we recommend connecting the boat to shore power. In the time it takes you to do some shopping or have a coffee, the boat will probably not be fully charged when you get back. Nevertheless, the boat has been able to recharge in a relatively short period of time.

(Almost) no maintenance An electric drive requires (almost) no maintenance. The main reason for this is that there are no moving parts in the e-motor. There is no need to maintain or replace filters, tanks or petrol/diesel fuel. This not only saves costs, but also energy and time when preparing a boat for departure.

Electric boating offers sustainable comfort With an electric drive, your boat is ready for the future. Enjoy the sustainable comfort on board an electric boat by cruising clean, quiet and user-friendly.

Are you looking for an electric boat? Take a look at the yachts of Natural Yachts, for which we are the system integrator.

Would you like to read more about what we do, our portfolio and our working method? Continue reading.


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