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Nominations most sustainable company of the Netherlands Electric Ship Facilities & Natural Yachts

Did you hear the good news already? Electric Ship Facilities and Natural Yachts have recently been nominated as runners-up for the title of "The most sustainable company of the Netherlands 2020!"

Verkiezing het duurzaamste bedrijf van Nederland

The jury will choose the most sustainable company of the Netherlands. However, you can help us win the audience award by voting for Natural Yachts or Electric Ship Facilities.

About the nomination of Electric Ship Facilities for the most sustainable company of the Netherlands 2020: Electric Ship Facilities is situated in Heeg and has over 10 years of experience in electric and hybrid propulsion systems and energy systems for recreational- and commercial boating. The company offers state-of-the-art and high efficient e-drives, batteries, and range extenders for electric boating. Electric Ship Facilities participates in the program Green Shipping Waddenzee to prepare the road for Methanol as energy carrier in the maritime sector. The technology required for this, from optimal e-drive train to the Direct Methanol Fuel Cell, will be first implemented in the line yachts of Natural Yachts. As a result these yachts can boat zero emission and independent of shorepower. Innovation is a continuous process for which Electric Ship Facilities is known where sustainability is the guiding principle.

On behalf of the Electric Ship Facilities Team, we would like to thank you!

About the nomination for Natural Yachts for the most sustainable company of the Netherlands 2020:

Natural Yachts is a Dutch family company. Our mission is to make recreational boating zero emission, we offer modern yachts with innovative technology. The first zero emission line yachts. These yachts are 100% electric and have the possibility to produce green energy on board by a Direct Methanol Fuel Cell range extender, to be independent of shore power. In our Experience Center you can experience electric boating and the various models and to if you want to experience it for a longer period it is also possible to charter the yachts.

On behalf of the Natural Yachts Team, we would like to thank you!

Foundation Netherlands CO2 Neutral:

Foundation Netherlands CO2 Neutral stimulates companies and institutions to operate sustainably and responsibly and to evolve into a climate-neutral company, cleaner and less dependent on fossil fuels.


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