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Year overview Electric Ship Facilities | Best 9 of 2022

The mission of Electric Ship Facilities - to accelerate the transition by implementing zero emission innovative technology - is something more and more people and companies are interested in. In the year 2022 Electric Ship Facilities has installed clean and zero emission technology in commercial vessels as well as recreational crafts. We are happy to share some of the highlights with you.

Year overview 2022 Electric Ship Facilities

Picture 1. Green Shipping Project – Northman 1200 Electric with duel drive and fuel cell range extender preparations In this picture you see the Northman 1200 Electric with a dual drive which is now a 100% electric yacht. However, all the preparations to install a fuel cell range extender are executed in partnership with the Waddenzee Green Shipping project. Next year, in 2023 this Northman 1200 Electric will get the title of ‘Fuel Cell powered & independent of Shorepower’. We are very excited for all the dedicated and hard work of the preparations behind the scenes in order for this to make it happen in 2023.

Picture 2. Ferry Gaastmeer A project in which Electric Ship Facilities has made the ferry of Gaastmeer, which is a ferry for pedestrians and cyclists, 100% electric. This means the diesel engine had to go out and now the ferry is installed with an e-motor, a battery pack, and with a solar roof.

Electric Ferry

Picture 3. Electric Ship Facilities as system integrator: Maxus Evo 24 Electric This year Electric Ship Facilities has installed a 100% electric system on the Maxus Evo 24 as well. The advantage of an electric system onboard a sailing boat is, that there is no gas onboard, you can enjoy the continuous sailing experience as you boat clean and silently, and it is possible to charge the batteries while sailing with the hydrogeneration’s mechanism. This mechanism is very similar to hydropower, when sailing the force of the water can be imposed on the propellor rotation which leads to the motor running. Therefore, the battery will be charged and the energy generated stored.

Picture 4. Electric Ship Facilities as system integrator: Maxus 26 Electric The Maxus 26 is an excellent sailing boat for an electric propulsion system. This emission free solution is especially interesting in an area where shore power is available. The electric configuration is very easy in use and comes in a sailing plus profile and touring profile, the last one having more battery capacity.

Maxus 26 Electric Sailing Yacht

Picture 5. Electric Ship Facilities as system integrator: Nexus Revo 870 Hardtop Electric The Nexus Revo 870 Electric features, next to an electric drive train a full electric hotel function with induction hob, hot water, infrared heating etc. The Nexus Revo 870 Hardtop Electric is equipped with a full solar roof, to generate your own green electricity onboard. The solar roof produces on a sunny day enough electricity to cover the energy consumption of the hotel function during your stay in nature.

Picture 6. Electric Ship Facilities as system integrator: Northman 1200 Electric The Northman 1200 Electric is the flagship of Natural Yachts. This full electric yacht will provide the luxury feeling all around. The Northman 1200 Electric is equipped with 3 showers with warm and cold water, electric heating in all 3 cabins and saloon, a ventilation system, an induction hob, electric oven and fridge. This equipment makes sure that the comfort level onboard is very high. Due to the battery pack, it is always possible to make a cup of coffee or use the induction hob, even when you are staying in nature.

Picture 7. Launching the Methanol Based Fuel Cells on the Zero Emission Ecomobiel Fair In October Electric Ship Facilities has launched the Methanol Based Fuel Cell Energy systems on the Zero Emission Ecomobiel Fair at the Brabanthallen. With the Methanol Based Fuel Cell Energy Systems it is possible to generate green electricity when and where it is needed. This zero emission energy system is independent from the grid and can therefore function in a wide variety of fields. For example, as a mobile generator at an event, to produce back-up power when there is no wind- or solar energy, as a range extender in an electric yacht or to provide green electricity at a construction site.

Launch of the zero emission energy systems from Electric Ship Facilities

Picture 8. E-Hafenboot Emden The harbour tours in Emden are to become CO2-neutral in future. Therefore, the conventionally operated harbour boat "Ratsdelft" is getting a modern successor. This will be a full electric boat with methanol based fuel cells. By using it for tourist harbour trips, emissions of 32 tonnes of CO2 per year can be saved. Electric Ship Facilities will be the system integrator for the Hafenboot and has been making all the preparations for the Hafenboot in Emden as at the beginning of 2023 the system integration will start.

Hafenboot Emden

Picture 9: Christmas wishes from Team Electric Ship Facilities Team Electric Ship Facilities is proud to have integrated the zero emission propulsion systems as well the zero emission energy systems in these projects. Next to that we look brightly at the future to accomplish even more with the zero emission energy sets who are not only suitable for maritime applications but also for land based applications. Team Electric Ship Facilities is thankful for all the customers and partners to work together on the mission to make the future even more zero emission.


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